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7 Printable Sign-in Sheets (Best Templates!)


Sign-in sheets are important for every business as they help in tracking the attendance of employees. It is also used in different institutions for the same purpose. However, creating a sign-in sheet is a lot of work as you need to work on different sections. 

We created a list of the top seven printable sign-in sheet templates that will help you take attendance for any institution. To fill the sign-in sheet, you just need to print and fill the sheet manually. You can also use the online PDF editor (on the homepage)  to do it online. 

Let’s start and check out these templates.

1. Sign-in Sheet Template for Employee

A business can use a sign-in sheet template to mark the attendance of its business. This category has dozens of templates that you can use to check your organization’s productivity and attendance. The best thing is that the format of these templates works great in every print size.

Cocodoc Cover

That is why you can simply print the form to start using it. We recommend going through the complete list to find the one that works best with your company. If you want some other templates, you can check them on CocoDoc.

2. Open House Sign-in Sheet

An open house is a place or an institution where everyone is welcome to join. The visitor needs to enter the sign-in sheet and be a part of the ongoing event. This is where the open house sign-in sheets are helpful. Although these sheets depend on the nature of the open house, you can still get some help from these templates. 

You do not need to do much as the templates have all the sections you need. However, there are options to edit the sign-in sheet according to your requirements.

3. Patient Sign-in Sheet 

Patient sign-in sheets are helpful to medical institutions in recording the details of visiting patients. Every healthcare center keeps this record of learning more about their patients and their experience. Additionally, it is used in keeping the visiting records of a hospital for legal reasons.

You can use the patient sign-in sheet here on this page. All you need is to go through these links and enjoy hundreds of helpful templates. Simply click on a template and start using it. Please know that these templates are designed for healthcare centers and must be used for the same only. 

4. Training Sign-in Sheet

Every trainer needs to keep records of the students and the participants. That is why training signs in sheets are helpful to these individuals. If you are also a trainer and need an easy template for record-keeping, these templates will help you. 

These templates come in all page sizes to easily print out the sheet and use it to take attendance. The best part is that you can choose from multiple templates as they provide different sections for you.

If you can’t find the right template, you can take any template from the category and personalize it by editing it. 

5. Alcoholics Anonymous Attendance Sheet

If you run a rehabilitation center for people fighting alcohol addiction, use these templates to take attendance of the participants. All these sign-in sheets are printable and provide you with the easiest way to record important details like the Patient’s name, arrival time, leaving time, and signature.

You can customize these templates to add some more sections to your sign-in sheet. Additionally, you can check the header of the sheet to add the details of your rehab center. To learn more about the editing work, we recommend choosing a random template and personalizing it yourself. 

6. Student Sign-in Sheet

Most schools use physical registers to keep the attendance of their students. If you also need to create such sign-in sheets, we recommend using templates from this category. It includes hundreds of advanced templates that will help you record a lot of information with a clean and organized design.

To make it easier, the template comes with customization options so that you can change it according to your requirements. 

The student sign-in sheet can be designed using the PDF editor of this website as well. It gives you a great opportunity to create a form/ sign in the sheet within a few seconds. 

7. Parent Sign-in Sheet

Schools hosting parent-teachers meetings require a parent sign-in sheet to record the attendance of parents in the meeting. Every class teacher has this sheet that makes it easier to record crucial information. If you also need to record such information, we recommend checking out templates from this category. 

You can easily find some interesting templates that will help you record such information. Start by clicking on the template and editing it with your information. That way, you won’t need to create one from scratch. 

Are Sign-in Sheets and Attendance Sheets Different?

Sign-in sheets and attendance sheets are often used interchangeably. Both these sheets are used to record the activities related to the sign-in of a person. However, an attendance sheet is used when you have a clear record of the entries and have a fixed number of participants. 

However, a sign-in sheet is more like a document where a visiting person can mention his information to make an entry. This small difference between both these sheets makes them different from each other.

Thus, the next time you see a sign-in sheet, it means anyone can leave an entry there. However, an attendance sheet has a fixed number of participants and a list of names to show up.

Final Words

A printable sign-in sheet can help you save a lot of time. You can avoid creating a layout for the sign-in sheet by using customizable templates. All you need is to edit them online and print out the final copy to use at your institution. 

The above templates by CocoDoc give you an excellent way to do it. You can check out these templates by clicking on the category name. 

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