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How Can I Get Email Signature Templates Quickly

How Can I Get Email Signature Templates Quickly

Gone are the days when the only source of signing documents is the traditional, handwritten signature. Today, technology has made things simpler. Apart from physical documents, you can also add a signature to your email to validate and authenticate it. 

The best part is that you do not have to upload your scanned signatures to do this. It is possible to create an email signature for your email messages with a readily available signature template. You can choose your preferred template from a gallery with numerous options. 

All that you need to do is to find a platform with a template that you want. Next, copy the signature from the template and paste it into your email message. You can then proceed to personalize it and make it yours. 

With this, you do not have to deal with the stress of creating a signature from the scratch. You also have access to the best of templates that you can choose from. 

Tips to getting Email Signature Templates

Getting an email signature template that you like does not have to be a herculean task. All you need is a reliable platform that offers well-designed templates. If you are looking for a template that you can quickly use for your email signature, we recommend the Signature Generator platform. 

What is a Signature Generator?

Signature Generator is a reputable e-signature platform that allows users to access tools to create a signature and also explore the variety of available templates. The platform enables you to create a personalized signature that you can use on any document. 

These signatures are valid and legally binding, which means that they can be used on contracts and legal documents. Apart from using the e-signature on documents, it can also be used as your email signature. Interestingly, you do not have to create the signature from scratch. 

You can simply explore the signature templates available and select the one that fits your style and brand and download it. It is easy to access the platform and download the signatures. It is important to mention that millions of users from across the world have used Signature Generator email templates. 

How to Get an Email Signature Template from Signature Generator

You can explore various styles and designs of email signature templates and examples. If you are not sure what the best practices are, you can take a look at what digital marketing experts over at www.designrush.com/interviews have to say on the subject. All these templates are free and you can use them for your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and Apple Mail. Here are the simple steps to access the Signature Generator platform and get an email signature template.

Step One: Visit the official website of Signature Generator and locate the signature templates tab. You can access the platform on your mobile device, which means that you can create your email signature on the go. It is easy, simple, and fast to use.

Step Two: Check through the different tabs and click on the “Email Signature Templates” tab. It will redirect you to another page where you can browse through the numerous styles of email signatures. 

Step Three: When you have found the one you want, click on it and it will open an edit page where you can edit the information on the template. From this page, you can change personal detail to yours. Edit the different sections, including “General” and “Social”. 

Next, upload your company’s logo or any picture that you want to use on the signature and proceed to the design section. You can change the font type, font size, theme color, and text color.

Step Four: Click to preview the corrected template and if you are fine with it, go ahead to save it. 

Step Five: Download your personalized email signature and you can proceed to add it to your email page.

How to Add Email Signature Template to Your Email

Now that you have customized your preferred email signature template, the next step is to add it to your email address and make it a part of your sent emails. For this post, we will use Outlook as an example because it is mostly used for business purposes. You can use these steps to add to any other email that you want to add the signature to.

Step One: Download the edited signature template and open it in a Word document.

Step Two: Select all elements in the signature template and click the “Copy” tab or press “Control C”.

Step Three: Open Outlook on your device and select the “New Email” icon.

Step Four: Paste the copied email signature in the email message body. Check the final signature to see if anything looks out of place. If you are fine with the result, click the save button to save and make the signature a part of all your outgoing emails. All messages you send in the future will carry the signature automatically and you do not have to keep adding it manually.

What to Avoid When Using Email Signature Templates

  • Don’t choose an email signature template that is overly worded. Having a tacky signature removes your professionalism and brand. So, stick to a template that only shows details that matter.
  • Play down the design elements. The message in your email is the most important element when you send an email. The signature is only a complementary element and should not overshadow your email content. Therefore, tone down the designs and colors on your email signature. You will find signature templates that are simple and classy.


Using an email signature template makes life easier. You do not have to think about the signature design as you can pick a template of your choice from a list of numerous available options. 

This post has shared the step-by-step process of getting email signature templates, how to edit your preferred option, and how to use it on your email and make it a permanent element of your future emails.

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