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How To Earn Easily? All You Need Is Skills & The Zeal To Play


Earning money is undoubtedly a tough job that requires numerous form filling, applications, digging in for the perfect role, background checking of an organization, and many more things. However, many online games have changed the scenario and revolutionized ways of earning quickly and from the comfort of your home. Not only is earning easier now, but you will also be surprised to know that you will be able to earn using your skills.

Are you tired of your tedious job, or are you not passionate about something you do? Does playing games seem to be an ideal job proposition for you? Well, you can use your gameplay to earn money and use it for a good cause. All one needs are skills, passion for playing, and interest in a game. Remember, when you are passionate about something, everything seems right. So, dig into this article to find the best games to earn easily with your zeal to play and skills.

8 Ball Pool Game

One of the most popular and interesting games in recent times, the 8 Ball Pool game, is available to play both online and offline. The absence of rigid rules makes the game further interesting and playable for beginners and pros alike. Moreover, the online version of the game lets you invite friends and connect with people online to participate in tournaments and win hefty prizes. The online version is jam-packed with several exciting modes and graphics that enhance your gaming experience.

In addition, the game is free to download for both iOS and Android users. For a beginner in an 8 Ball pool game, you can experiment with several online versions and choose the best-suited version for you and earn easily. Some noteworthy versions are MPL, Pool, Call Break, and 3D Poker. Your rewards and cash prizes are directly transferred to your wallet, and this is an easy game to play and enjoy.

Axie Infinity

Another important and one-of-a-kind name in the genre of play-to-earn games is Axie Infinity. If you are into NFTs and Cryptocurrency, this game is the best fit. The game is an excellent experience for metaverse lovers with quirky and comical graphics. The characters in this game are Axies, who need to be bred and taken care of to score points. Moreover, the currency earned would be used to breed your little Axies and raise them efficiently. While the joining cost of a game is higher than any other game, the returns are promising, and it is a great game to earn in crypto.


The way of playing Ludo has evolved manifolds, and with the big names turning on and capturing the online market, Ludo is another best play-to-earn game that one should try. Ludo regained its lost popularity during the pandemic, and since then, it has been the most-talked-about game among the Indian audience. Online Ludo allows you to compete with your friends and family and even with strangers online. Several platforms organize weekly and monthly contests and tournaments to participate and win cash prizes and other rewards. Ludo is the simplest among others, with simple rules and lots of fun compared to other games. Therefore, this is an easy way to enhance your cognitive abilities and earn in return.


You must have heard about keeping a Poker face but do you know why a Poker face is a must-have? Poker is the most conniving and intense game that involves lots of betting and encashing. Poker is one such game in which your opponent can quickly gauge your moves through your body language and reactions to others’ moves. Moreover, Poker is another fantastic way to earn money easily while having fun. There are several apps where players come together with their Poker faces and put money on the table to start an intense game of Poker and beat each other to emerge as the ultimate champion.

Moreover, Poker has also been accepted as a respected profession, and if you are a pro at the game, you can always think of it as a viable career option.


Football has a newfound craze among the Indian audience. Things have heated up with the onset of fantasy football, and it’s easier to earn while competing in football tournaments. Sorare, an online fantasy football game, is available to download for free on Android, PC, and iOS. Being an NFT metaverse game, Sorare has a huge pool of players who have real ties to the football world and are enthusiastic about the game.

The game isn’t that easy to win, and one needs to have a sturdy and robust team to optimize their chances of winning maximum tournaments. Also, one has to make quick strategic decisions as it is a quickly developing game. This is a perfect game for football enthusiasts to collect cryptos and NFTs.


Carrom is another thrilling and fun game to play with your friends and family and earn money easily. There are several apps to play Carrom online and participate in tournaments to win money easily. Moreover, the rules in Carrom are extremely simple. To gain additional points, one must pocket a maximum number of pucks in the table, including the Queen puck.

The simplicity of the rules makes this game widely available and playable for beginners and pros alike. Moreover, the online version of Carrom comes up with several modes like Single-player mode where you can practice on your own, traditional mode in which the visual representation is to suit the lovers of the classic game. The tournament mode allows you to compete with people and participate in occasional tournaments.


There are many best play-to-earn games that you can choose to earn money online. However, it would be best if you remembered that some of the games out there would require you to spend some money first to earn more later. Therefore, it is advisable to make an informed decision and not be involved in every game that you come across. Try different options and choose the best-suited option for you.

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