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How to Strikethrough Text on Discord? Step-By-Step Guide!


Discord’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. It enables users to communicate with others and keep informed on every update.

Discord provides members with some unique features that other social media platforms do not and one of them is people can strikethrough the text and send it to anyone.

Some people, however, find it impossible to strikethrough specific texts. A quick and easy process does not and should not take long.

If you want to know further about this term and feature, then stick to the end because this guide is for you!

In this guide, we will provide you with some step-by-step methods to strikethrough your text on Discord.

What is Strikethrough Text?

Strikethrough is a font effect that causes text to appear as though it is crossed out. It is used to convey the importance of the message or indicate changes in it.

It looks like a line on the text which crosses the text from its center. You can use it to show the corrected mistakes. Highlighting sarcasm or irony using strikethrough text can be a good idea as well.

You will be able to easily incorporate this formatting feature into your Discord messages by following the instructions outlined in this guide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Strikethrough Text on Discord

1.    Use Discord’s Feature

Discord, unlike other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, allows users to customize the messages they want to send.

Just like that, Discord provides an option to add strikethrough text on a specific word or message they want to send. We’ll demonstrate how to use this feature.

  • If you already have a written text message that you are going to send to your fellow or in a group. Simply select it using your mouse, or hold the text if you are using a mobile phone.
  • Now the text is selected, you will see some options there. Simply select the one with “S.
  • You will see the strikethrough effect added to your selected text.
  • Now, you can send that message to anyone.

See how easily you can add strikethrough to your text message. Now, let’s talk about another method in case this isn’t working for you.

2.    Use a Strikethrough Text Generator

From the above method, you can easily add the crossed-out effect on the text, but if you want to make some difference in the text like you want to do something unique, then this method is for you.

In this method, you can strikethrough your text online which provides different stylish crossed-out effects for text. Let us show you how it works. For illustration purposes, the generator we will be using is Strikethrough Text by Editpad.

  • Open the Editpad’s Strikethrough text generator and you will see such an interface, shown below.
  • There you will see two boxes. The left one is the input box, and the right one is the output box. Simply type the message that you want to strikethrough in the left (input) box.
  • As you write, the tool will give you the results in real-time, which means you don’t have to click on any button to get the output.
  • However, if you want to change the strikethrough effect, you can simply select one from the options given below the input box.
  • Now, the text is strikethrough. You can simply copy it from the option and send it to Discord.

This is how you will be able to create strikethrough text using a third-party tool.

3.    Use Shortcut Key Method

However, if you think using an online tool again and again, can be difficult for you to strikethrough the text, then here’s another method for it. In this method, you can use shortcut keys to cross out the text on Discord.

Keep in mind this only works on Discord.

Here’s how you can do that.

  • First, you have to find the tilde (~) key on your keyboard. If you are using a mobile, it will be on the symbols keyboard. And, if you are using a desktop, it will be on the keyboard. You can use it by simply holding “Shift” and pressing that button (where the tilde is).
  • Now, what you have to do is, add the tilde key two times and then type the message you want to strikethrough. After that, again add a tilde two times.
  • There you go. The text will be automatically changed to strikethrough.
  • Now, send it to whomever you want to.


Adding strikethrough on the text can be complicated on Discord. However, Discord provides an option to strikethrough text, but if it isn’t updated to the latest version, you might not do it. So, while keeping this issue, we have discussed a few methods that can help your strikethrough text and send it to anyone you want to.

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