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Is It Free to Use CocoFax to Fax Online?

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Fax has always been the preferred communication method of numerous businesses worldwide. Gone are the days when bulky fax machines were used to send and receive faxes. But, with the advent of technology, online faxes have emerged to send your fax messages and attachments within a minute securely.

CocoFax is one of the best alternatives to outdated fax machines. With CocoFax, you can seamlessly control faxes collaboratively and store the fax documents in the cloud.

But is CocoFax entirely free to use? Let’s find out what it offers to the users and take benefit from the superior features that it has to offer.

CocoFax: Overview

CocoFax, being the best-in-class online fax service provider, allows you to send faxes from your PC or smartphone via the internet. It has omitted the usage of a fax machine or even a phone connection while using CocoFax.

Therefore, with CocoFax, you get a collective range of premium features, which concern business fax solutions. Various online fax services can only allow you to send faxes to any individual, whereas CocoFax gives you the freedom of doing both.

With CocoFax, you aren’t restricted to using your desktop at work. You can effortlessly send and receive faxes via your smartphone, iPhone, PC, and tablet.

In order to start sending faxes with CocoFax, you will need to create an account first along with a subscription. It usually offers 14-days of a free trial, but after that, it starts charging a significant amount as per the given plan. Moreover, all CocoFax’s products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t seem workable for you.


What are the ways for sending and receiving faxes with CocoFax?

CocoFax performs as a significant translator between fax technology and the internet. So, the sent and received faxes will pass through this and get transformed to another medium. CocoFax usually offers two major ways:

  • CocoFax’s Email to Fax Service

The email to fax service of CocoFax lets you quickly fax from email. Therefore, you can effortlessly send faxes from your Gmail or any other email client, and similarly, receive faxes on them also.

  • Web dashboard of CocoFax

CocoFax’s web dashboard can be quickly accessed when you have a CocoFax account. It’s easier to open the dashboard in any of your preferred browsers. This is how you can send faxes from here and also look at your received faxes at any moment.


How to send faxes from Email to Fax?

Step #1

Sign up for a CocoFax account, and avail of its 14-days free trial. Now, all you need is to opt for your fax number and ensure you register the appropriate email via which you prefer to send and receive faxes.


Step #2

Open your preferred email client either on PC or your smartphone. Now, hit the option of composing an email/fax, and a new window will pop up. Draft your new fax here, and you will feel it’s pretty analogous to sending an email.

send fax online with cocofax

Step #3

Enter the recipient address in the “to” section, followed by entering their fax number in this format: “@cocofax.com.” If their CocoFax number is 345678, you need to type: “345678@cocofax.com.”

The subject field is optional here. But, you may type anything you want as the cover page of the fax document.

It will be the first page of the fax that your recipient will receive. Lastly, attach any document you want to send to your recipient. But, it would be best to make sure there shouldn’t be any special characters.


Step #4 Once you are done with the aforementioned steps, crosscheck all the information you have attached. If you are all set, hit the “send” button. You will quickly get a confirmation email once it is delivered.


How to receive faxes with fax to email?

Have you already registered your email ID with CocoFax? If so, you will receive all the faxes automatically straight to your email inbox. All the received faxes through CocoFax will be converted to a PDF document and linked to the email notification from CocoFax.

Once it hits your inbox, you can read, print, and forward it to any recipient without any hassle. No convoluted steps are involved while sending and receiving faxes with CocoFax.

CocoFax plans and pricing

People don’t prefer charging before they have tried the services. CocoFax knows what attracts a customer. Therefore, it has pretty budget-friendly pricing plans in the market. In order to get started, you are allowed to enjoy no question asked 14-days of free service using CocoFax.

If you prefer its services and features, then you have to renew its premium plans. In case you don’t like its offerings and other features, you can cancel it anytime. So, you will not be charged a dime if you choose to cancel it.

It has three different plans, which can be monthly and billed yearly:

Pricing PlansMonthly billing amountAnnual billing amountFeatures
Premium$19.99/month$16.99/monthSMS notificationFree toll-free or local numberWindows fax softwareEmail to fax and fax to email24/7 customer supportMac fax applicationSecurity and reliability$0.08 is charged for an additional page
Lite$7.99/month$4.99/monthEmail to fax and fax to email$0.2 is charged for an additional page International coverageiOS and Android mobile appsSafeguarded unlimited storage
Basic$12.99/month$9.99/month$0.1 is charged for an additional page Email to fax and fax to email24/7 customer supportInternational Coverage
Business$29.99/month$24.99/monthG Suite Add-onAdmin PanelBlacklist option$0.06 is charged for an additional page

Concluding Words In a nutshell, you can seamlessly fax from your device by using CocoFax. It provides quick and convenient access to the users. However, it’s not entirely free; still, it offers reliable, fast, and protected features to its users. You can utilize it without having to purchase an expensive fax machine or a phone line. In short, it’s the perfect tool for all your fax requirements.

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