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Faster browsing is need of every user but it demands healthier PC, good internet connection and virus free device. After the above things, something is still missing to enjoy speedy experience that is a web browser. If we talk about the race between the authors of web browsers, Mozilla, Opera and Google are leading. Chromium is open source browser as well as freeware source code for various browsers.

The browser is major thing to deliver dump of features including fast downloading, extensions, multi tabs and customizing interface. This is the normal use of an internet browser but on the other hand, the developers can use it by professionally. Such as they will deeper look into source code, use graphic designing and SEO add-ons, printing utilities and more. The Chromium is perfect for anytype of use because it’s already leading the market with open source coding.

Chromium Screenshot

If we start a comparison between it and Chrome, we will see there are some differences. Therefore it does not include auto updates, adobe flash player, codecs and API key system for using Google services. However, there are almost 20 browsers which are depending on Chromium’s open source project. This is the class which allows everyone to use it’s coding for development purposes.

Although, the interface is not similar to Chrome because the basic purpose of developer team is to make it as light as much. So they eliminate themes and wallpapers from the interface and make it clear and simplified for everyone. Thus, we can find and adopt new browsing ideas through this awesome program.

Latest Version: Chromium
Setup Size: 129.46 MB / 146.72 MB
File Title: chrome-win 32.zip / chrome-win x64.zip
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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