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Slower computers will always create difficulties for computer users. They will face hanging, stuck, restart and blue screen errors. These errors will increase worries because many times user will lost important work. CCleaner is leading system optimizer to speed up slower computers. It is tiny utility that will perform 1 click cleaning of lazy and jammed devices.

Super fast computers will respond quickly to user commands. They will save time as well as money while doing quick operations. However, the interface is simple and clear with white background.Left pane has easy clean, custom clean, registry, tools and settings menu with icons on each.

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It can optimize windows registry program with eliminating bad values, deleted entries as well as missing ones. This method will surely increase system Turn on and Shutdown timings. Registry Editor is the key program inside OS that has thousands of entries to control each process.

Furthermore, it has powerful uninstall tool to remove multiple software at same time. Windows default program and Features does not allows you to perform multiple uninstallation. The start up tool is another tweak to kill those programs that were running without user permissions. There are many programs running in system background which will eat RAM and CPU without telling you.

Although, an optimized system is necessary for everyone but virus, malware, trojans and malicious programs may hurt system speed. There is a way to delete programs from startup list, perform a cleaning of system to delete cookies, logs, recycle bin and temp files.

Latest Version: CCleaner
Setup Size: 24.13 MB
File Title: ccsetup566.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developers: HomePage / More

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