Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The page will explain which information we will gather, how we use it and the 3rd party access to your information. This privacy policy is applied on all products and services offered by

Personal Information:

We will gather personal information of those users who will fill form on their choice. This will include name as well as email address. However, other users can use our services as anonymous. The personal identification information will be stored in our record. The users who want to use services as anonymous may prevent from using further services.

Non-Personal Information:

We also gather some of non-personal information of our visitors which may includes web browser name, internet service provider, operating system, browser version, type of device, geo location and relevant technical information as well.

Browser Cookies:

We have mention about the usage of cookies. Users will get complete access to our products and services. This is our user’s choice that he/she will agree with cookies policy or not.

Why We Collect Information?

There are multiple reasons that force it on collecting personal and non-personal information of our visitors. We use these information to upgrade site performance, respond to customer suggestions, personalize user experience and deliver quality content on user needs.

Should We Protect Your Information?

We use secure servers and protocols to keep everything safe and protected. We are compliance with PCI vulnerability standards so we have most secure environment for our users. We ensure guarantee that all of our visitors username, email, password, name and other personal/non-personal information is protected and secured completely.

Would we share your information?

We do not involve in any trade of buying, selling and renting of users personal information. Therefore, we will only share demographic information with our business partners. These partners may be advertisers, reliable affiliates and 3rd party services. It is ensured that we do not share users personal information e.g. name, email, password and phone numbers with partners. We are using 3rd parties for operational purposes such as email newsletter, join surveys and advertisement as well.

ToS of Advertisement on our Site:

We are using different advertisement services which will collect some non personal information to show better and relevant ads. These 3rd party services are basically use cookies to recognize target device, enhance it with related ads and show supported advertisement sizes. However, this privacy policy page does not involved in use of cookies by the third party advertisers.

ToS of Google Advertisements:

Google advertisements is using DoubleClick DART Cookie to use your non personal information. It does not cover name, email, geo location of home or office and other info. You can get more details that how Google Advertising Network is using cookies on

Future Changes:

We are requesting with all of our visitors to please visit this page consistently. We will notify you with additional changes in privacy policy. You have to know that we have the right to update our privacy policy and terms of services on our demands. Now it is the responsibility of our visitors to stay up to date to know about privacy usage. You must stay live with us to keep updated with latest changes in privacy policy page.

Use of Our Terms and Conditions:

By using our products, services or website, you are agreed with our privacy policy and terms and conditions. We recommend you to do not use our website or services in case of you are not agreeing with our privacy policy.

Contact Us:

We are welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments. You are free to contact with us via email or social media. Please use this page to make a contact with us or send an email to, we will respond your emails as soon as possible.

Updated on 30 December 2019