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Firefox Logo Official

Fast browsing is target of every internet user but it demands legendary site explorer. Classic browsers will always destroy the interface of website because of low powered engine. Now it is 21th century, fast network speed is available in every side even rural areas. We need to upgrade our exploring software to enjoy the fast data transfer speed. Firefox is one of fabulous internet explorer which uses updated engine to load web at maximum speed.

Mozilla has already launch 3 popular engines including Gecko, Quantum and SpiderMonkey. The program is already passing the web standards with support HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. However, let’s talk about the interface which is too simple and time saving. It uses black theme as default but you can switch to thousands of more at anytime. There are bundle of Add-ons from store to explore web development, graphics designing, business marketing and other core standards.

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The main page has highlights heading which includes most visited pages pick from history. The bookmark manager will allow to import or export URLs from other browsers. Firefox is currently leading the market but it is too behind from Chrome. Regular users may know that it will eat 90% of RAM after opening 5+ tabs. It will surely makes system lazy if you visit web in 10 tabs under one window.

There is fast internal download manager which is offering resume, pause and stop files. The new private browsing mode will remove footprints so no one can see history, forms and login details.

Latest Version: Firefox
Setup Size: 48.71 MB | 50.13 MB
File Title: Firefox Setup 77.0b9.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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