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Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer Logo

You may know that android users can easily change their voice into multiple pitches. People are still busy by making other people fool by switching their genuine voice into other ones. This game is not stopping anymore because some of greedy users want to do fraudulent activities through this way. However, now you can enjoy changing your voice right from PC programs e.g. Skype or TeamSpeak. Clownfish Voice Changer is smart program that will let you switch your voice during Skype and TeamSpeak calling.

It will show icon at system tray that will show dozens of options upon right click on it. There you can use any option e.g. translating messages, preferences, email settings, greetings and more. Furthermore you can see voice changer options in below screenshot. It means you can switch your voice into following pitches e.g. woman, baby, radio, robot, male, clone, fast and slow mutation as well.

Clownfish Voice Changer Screenshot

Meanwhile it gives easy tools to create distortion effects, control the silence, insert special sound effects as well. If we talk about controlling sensitivity of microphone than it is also controllable with settings dB value. You can use it for entertainment purposes e.g. you can make fool your friends or family members by making them fool during voice chat.

It support both major programs that are currently using to make free calling with others. You can simply insert and save Skype credentials for direct log in purposes. The automatic translation will translate incoming messages without user commands. Although it is best tool to handle messages, translation and calling functions easily.

Latest Version: Clownfish Voice Changer
Setup Size: 596 KB / 629 KB
File Title: VoiceChanger32(1.20).exe / VoiceChanger64(1.20).exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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