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FonePaw ScreenMo

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Performing some actions will demand high type of qualification and experience. It means, a normal user can’t perform those actions until they have a supported tool. Similarly recording screen of mobile phone is a pro task that can’t possible without external tool. The companies do not include this feature to record phone screen because it’s linked to user’s privacy. However, you can use external tools to record screen of Android or iPhone. FonePaw ScreenMo is fantastic tool that allows you record chatting, gallery thumbs, settings and anything you want.

If you are YouTuber than you may find many tutorials of iPhone that will cover mobile screen in HD result. It is not possible due to privacy protection so you can do this by using this program. It just needs to connect Apple phone with PC than run this tool to start. Than swipe your phone’s home screen into up direction and choose Screen Mirroring feature. It gives you both audio and video with HD quality so you can convert and upload videos on YouTube channel.

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Furthermore, it covers all Apple products e.g. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch where you can start recording mobile screen with one click. It’s on you weather you want to record internal sound e.g. game, apps, music or just trying to use voiceover to speak yourself for tutorial purposes.

AirPlay can give your mobile screen on large LED through screen mirror feature wirelessly. So you will enjoy playing 1080p movies of large screen. It can record HD videos without lags and stuck up. Although, most people use ScreenMo for educational purposes, recording gameplay, application tutorials and recording for live presentations.

Latest Version: FonePaw ScreenMo
Setup Size: 22.09 MB
File Title: ios-screen-recorder.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / FonePaw

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