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Google Maps – Navigate & Explore

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If you’re looking to start a journey to your target place but do not have an idea about the routes and places. Then it’s mandatory that you should need an assistance or a guide that will describe you about the navigation, roads and famous places. Don’t worry, finalize your journey without having a guide because you just need to have Google Maps – Navigate & Explore to start your trip with friends or family and forget the worries.

More details about Google Maps – Navigate & Explore:

The app gives you ultimate control over places e.g. restaurants, hospitals, schools, business, govt institutes, visiting areas, cities, shopping malls and more. If you don’t have information about the place then search it on Maps and follow the navigation till end. The powerful feature of this app is you can easily achieve your destination without waste of time. It will show you multiple routes e.g. on foot, bike or a car drive.

In other words, if someone has sent you GPS location through any app e.g. Whatsapp, Messenger etc. You can reach the destination by following the appropriate routes. This will include pedestrian, motorcycle and a car route with mentioning range in KM and time in minutes/hours. It also displays you multiple routes to achieve the destination. So this information will help you to move quickly from start to pinpoint without waste of time.

Explore new Places:

If you are in a new city or visit a new country, you definitely need some assistance about new places e.g. hotels, shopping malls, tuck shops, super stores, hospitals, pizza shops, public parks and govt offices. If you do not have any idea about that place so don’t worry. Just start typing a few characters and the Maps application will find the whole place for you.

Thousands of upcoming vehicles are so intelligent because they are using GPS tracking systems. You may have found a maps app on the screen of a car so the driver can follow the destination with the help of this app. Moreover, many public vehicles are also using this app on mobile devices to follow the target position alongwith calculating the kilometres.

Google Maps Navigate and Explore Screenshots

Navigate Places, Cities or Countries:

If you have a smart brain and you love to explore information about cities and countries. This app will definitely help you in finding anytype of business, non-profit, government, public and any other place. The app has over 220 countries, 15000 cities and 1000000 places from world wide.

Technical File Particulars:

Latest Version: Google Maps – Navigation & Transit
Setup Size: 52.16 MB
File Title: com.google.android.apps.maps.apk
OS: Android OS 4.1 or above
Developer’s: Website / Find on Playstore / More

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