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Hard Disk Sentinel

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HDD is very important hardware device of CPU. You can not use a computer or laptop until it will connect and install OS on it. Basically OS is system software that needs some location to put files and start connecting user and machine. Mostly there are 2 types of devices such SSD and HDD. If you look into HDD than you will find it has further 2 types of connecting cables e.g. SATA and IDE. However, it does not matter which device you are using but health of it is most important thing. Hard Disk Sentinel is proud HDD monitoring and analyzing tool.

On the other hand bad sectors are the worst thing for hard drive. If your HDD has some or more bad’s than it means your data is on risk. Generally it is collection of errors that will hurt physical area or media. If you do not know about the health of HDD than don’t worry because this tool will exactly show you what’s going wrong. Simply you can view performance, health, temperature, info and SMART details as well.

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Moreover, if you are going to purchase a new hard drive for your home or business. It is recommended to check it’s health before purchasing new or branded hard drives. Some companies are offering 1 year warranty but your is always on risk if target hard is rich with bad sectors.

At the end, please check the health of your HDD once in a month and if there are some bad sectors than fix hard disk before it will destroy your data.

Latest Version: Hard Disk Sentinel
Setup Size: 32.20 MB / 36.53 MB
File Title: hdsentinel_setup.zip / hdsentinel_pro_portable.zip
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
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