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Hotspot Shield

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The internet usage has 2 ways including good and bad ways. The good path gives ultimate information about anything which you want. The bad part has negative things such as hacking, theft and adultery based habits. Hotspot Shield is a VPN that will hide your original data with showing fake things to others. The thief’s and seekers are always trying to hide their genuine original location for security purposes.

However, this virtual private network has ultimate features to stay safe from attackers. You can even get access to blocked sites that may be banned from your countries or regional IT department. We see many countries has banned Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube and Facebook services so the users can easily skip the bypass.

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The internet is not safe anymore because we see everyday someone loss their money through hacking. The privacy information will be saved in computer like credit card, bank accounts and other informative credentials. The thief’s can break antivirus security and get access to these logins. As a result, you will surely loss a lot of money.

This smart VPN will hide every information e.g. it will show fake country except showing genuine place. It will also switch IP address, ISP and other important info to fake one. This will also keeps you away from spyware and malware because of internal security function. Although, system tray will show a green icon which means you are browsing anonymously. The red icon will show that you are not protected.

Latest Version: Hotspot Shield
Setup Size: 12.27 MB
File Title: HotspotShield-9.12.0-plain-773-plain.exe / HSS-773.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developers: HomePage / More