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Intel HD Graphics Driver

Intel HD Graphics Driver Logo

A faster computer is in demand by everyone but there are some terms and conditions to keep your PC at its peak speed. We all know that virus is cancer for machines but clean PCs are running safely without lag or hang problems. An infected device will keep its users disturbed once upon a minute.

It is a very critical situation, especially on slower devices. Intel HD Graphics Driver is a combination of files to accelerate video performance.

Intel HD Graphics Driver Features:

Your PC must have the latest drivers for each device. This will be good for both PC and its user to enjoy an optimized version which will help in multiple fields of work.

Which Programs Require Intel Drivers:

You can not run highly powered apps including AutoDesk Maya, AutoCAD, 3D Max, Adobe Premier, CorelDraw and more. You have to install the latest drivers on a desktop PC, laptop or notebook.

Intel HD Graphic Drivers for Windows

For gamers, it is the most delicious thing to install and keep the drivers upto date. Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed and others will not work until you install or update them to the latest one.

Intel vs AMD Chipset:

Therefore, the competition between AMD and Intel chipsets is not balanced because Intel is most leading IT company AMD. We may find 90 CPUs of Intel and 10 are from AMD.

Intel also has released a utility to identify versions of drivers and you can download the latest one in just a few minutes.

However, it is highly recommended for home and office users to run their PCs at maximum speed. This is only possible by keeping the latest driver files.

Latest Version: Intel HD Graphics Driver
Setup Size: 110.87 MB / 198.87 MB
File Title: win32_15.40.45.5126.exe / win64_15.40.45.5126.exe
OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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