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Telegram Desktop

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As you may now that there is huge increasing in usage of social media in last few years. During the last dozen of years, there are many services that offering free messaging, voice and video calling. Due to these services, the world is going to closes with each other. Especially, you may note that some relatives who are living abroad can make video calls with one touch. So they won’t feel missing their family because of social media services. Telegram Desktop is legend instant messaging application that allows exchanging photos, audios, videos and more.

It works similar to other services but it cloud based VoIP service. On the other hand, network companies are offering high volume of data at very low rates. This strategy will also give some steam towards usage of these services. Simple voice call will give you cancer because it will take high cost on balance. So as our opinion, make a internet package and use social media services to stay live with friends, family and colleagues.

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However, it will sync with your contacts and automatically show those who are registered with Telegram. You are free to create multiple groups, add people and start chatting with them. The developer is offering end to end encryption of chat for only one to one chat but it is not available for group chats.

Furthermore, the account is similar to Facebook, Whatsapp and others. Just add mobile number and verify the account via SMS code. Users can see last seen but you can customize your privacy easily. Thus, you can enjoy sharing smiles, video clips, music and multimedia files.

Latest Version: Telegram Desktop
Setup Size: 21.4 MB / 25.5
File Title: tsetup.2.1.10.exe / tportable.2.1.10.zip
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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