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Tor Browser

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It is demand of everyone to have fast and safe browsing but everyone have a choice. We can say that it does not matter that you are going to explore social media, streaming, downloading or anything else. The target thing is responsive and safe browsing experience. Other browsers are leaving cookies, logs and cache that is helpful for hackers to track out your device details. Tor Browser has private mode to stop seekers for tracking you with hiding your identity and exploring safe browsing with faster results.

Exploring sites in private mode is also available in almost every browser program but they need to open private browsing mode manually. Tor allows you to start navigating sites, find favorite search results and download things with a fake location info. It gives multiple tabs to open more sites under single window. Basically, it was developed and designed under Mozilla Firefox engine.

Tor Browser Screenshot

Private browser will not leave any footprints which are helpful for hackers or seekers. They can harm your identity with reaching to your PC. However, the browser has support for tons of extensions. The extensions are very helpful for developers and graphic designers especially. On the other hand, it will never stuck your PC because it will no longer eat hardware resources of CPU.

Therefore, we recommend it for beginners as well as for experts to hideout your traceable information. This browser will automatically delete history, logs, cookies and URLs while closing it. It makes easy for antivirus to fight against hackers with giving fake info. Thus, it keeps your info as private.

Latest Version: Tor Browser
Setup Size: 69.73 MB
File Title: torbrowser-install-win64-10.0.8_en-US.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
Developer’s: HomePage / More