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Windows Defender

Windows Defender Logo

After detailed review, we conclude that each PC should have something to guard data and privacy. Hackers are always looking to break the security siege to destroy the data and get access to bank details. If you have set a strong and multi-layer security protection than it is impossible to them to get successful easily. We all know that every year, companies are facing loss in millions of dollar due to hacking attempts especially on banks. Windows Defender is light in weight but effective in action program to defend MS consumers.

Previously we defend our PCs with Security Essentials that is outdated now due to some vulnerability issues. Microsoft team is keep focusing on next generation threats and make the new Defender much stronger in powers. However, it has power to detect and eliminate any kind of malware, spyware and other threats including keyloggers, hacking attempts, pirated content and virus attacks as well.

Windows Defender Screenshot

The basic aim of the above program is to defend user’s device against unwanted and risky programs alongwith spyware threats. It will require regular database to keep your PC on the right path. Moreover the program has tools where we can look for quarantine and allowed items. If you think that quarantine a file was a mistake, you can simply move the file to previous location.

There are 3 types of scan options e.g. quick, full and custom. It will scan archives, email and removable drives with real-time protection. The program has automatic scan but we can customize date and timings. Thus, we have all in one light and powerful program to avoid risks.

Latest Version: Windows Defender
Setup Size: 4.94 MB / 872 KB
File Title: WindowsDefender.msi / mssstool64.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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