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If you’re using fast internet connection but still trapped in slower browsing experience. Maybe there are many reasons for this but in my opinion, load of advertisement is one of the biggest issues. Millions of devices have been destroyed by hackers through malfunctioning spyware or malware. Both of these are mostly coming from software setup, add-ons and malicious websites. AdGuard is professional tool that can block spyware attacks, reduce data consumption by blocking dozens of ads and gives faster browsing experience.

Many of us are using adblock and adblock plus extensions for specific browsers for the sake of turning off heavy ads. This is also a good method to get rid of ads but it’ll only work within the same browser. If you’re using adblock for chrome then you can block ads in Firefox or Opera. Meanwhile it’s also unable to offer spyware protection. So don’t waste time in spare things and use Ad Guard that is also a security guard of your PC.

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However, it also features full privacy protection, leading parent control and also blocks advertisement from any other app rather than browsers. Now you can manage all the above operations right from the desktop shortcut. Previously people used multiple programs for above purposes but now you can save time and money.

  • Keep you data and information away from attackers
  • Hide IP address and other personal data while browsing any site
  • Visit clean pages without seeking any text, image or flashy ads
  • Stay protected from phishing, malware, fraudulent and dangerous websites
  • Keep your kids safe from obscene results or specific webpages

Although, it’s the best internet tool to deal with things in a positive way.

Latest Version: AdGuard
Setup Size: 113 KB
File Title: adguardInstaller.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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