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Android Studio

Android Studio Logo

The race is going on among the operating systems because each company wants to compete with the opponent. Previously, Apple iOS is dominating other OS for just a limited time. But if you look carefully at the graph year by year then you will see android is on top for many years. The main reason behind it is used by dozens of companies. In simple words, Apple iOS is used only by Apple but Android is used by Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, LG, Techno, Oppo, and more. However, Android Studio lets you create and edit apps and games for Android by using professional tools.

It gives a realistic approach to creating, designing, and editing your APK application or game easily. Many users are searching for how to develop an android app so this is the key program to complete this task. If you have a well-furnished business and now you want to grow it more then you should make an amazing app for mobile phones and tablets. It will definitely grow the customers and also your sales.

Android Studio Screenshot

Furthermore, if you look at the above screenshot then you can find a collection of tools and utilities. Basically, Android Studio will use coding to manipulate files used in apps and games. If you look into Google PlayStore then you will find millions of apps and games on it.

The timeline will show network, CPU, and memory usage so you can finalize a light and effective app at the end. XML is a common file so manifests, java, and res folders will include these files. In conclusion, you can create the best android apps.

Latest Version: Android Studio
Setup Size: 770.36 MB / 756.74 MB
File Title: android-studio-ide-192.6392135-windows32.zip / android-studio-ide-192.6392135-windows.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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