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Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio Logo

It is very strange to develop, design and debug programs, mobile or web apps for everyone. Basically it is a sea of knowledge where you can learn new things in everyday. Programs are using their favorite architects to code their target apps. In the list there are many that are dominating opponents but most of them has very low consumer ratings. Because programmers are thinking that a code editor must fulfill their needs without needing support of external software. Meanwhile Microsoft Visual Studio is powerful code editor to create, design and debug PC programs, sites, web or mobile apps.

A standard user will surely can’t understand the interface in below screenshot. Basically the programs has different work shapes that are split into areas. In different surveys there are more than 50% of programmers are precious to use Microsoft VS to deliver code with accuracy. However it has useful tools to create .exe or .msi files with custom codes.

Visual Studio IDE Screenshot

The major part is the internal debugger which can debug your codes in both machine and source level debuggers. The code editor area will make coding clear and clean with putting them different colors. It will assist you in spotting errors with specific line numbers to save your time.

At the end it has 30+ languages support e.g. C++, .NET, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, C# and XML. The plugins can extend its features to Python, Node.js and Ruby languages. Web developers can easily make websites containing style and features. Although it gives advanced level of security and customization tools. Thus it is best program to design, code and debug apps, programs and websites.

Latest Version: Microsoft Visual Studio
Setup Size: 1.32 MB
File Title: vs_Professional.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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