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Nature gives a unique voice to every human body. So it is on us how we produce it on the right path. In simple words, each of us is rich with speaking capabilities rather than deaf. Everything we need is a best practice that will fulfill our voice with perfection. So we need a recorder to put some effects and record everything on the computer. Audacity is smart and legend voice recorder and mixer that will transform your capabilities inefficient manner.

You may know many singers and religious speakers are doing practice at home. They must have a program to manipulate their voice and turn it to the final stage. It is one of the popular audio voice mixers and recorders that allows you to add other effects anywhere in the recording. You can even add several sound effects e.g. bass, pop, mixer, tone, and more. The below screenshot is clarifying with shows everything very clearly.

Audacity Screenshot

It allows you to merge multiple tracks at once by adding stunning 3rd party effects to beautify it. The timeline shows yellow bars that mean how your sound goes. It includes a complete set of tools to create, edit and finalize digital sounds. You can produce finalize projects in desired format e.g. MP3, WAV, FLAC, AU, and more. Furthermore, you can record sound with a mixer or just use a color mic.

The plug-ins are there to help beginners with adding VST, audio unit, and LV2. It has many undo and redo levels. So you don’t need to record a project from the beginning. Thus, you have the opportunity to bring your talent in front of general people.

Latest Version: Audacity
Setup Size: 21.40 MB
File Title: audacity-win-2.3.3.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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