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Good news for programmers and engineers because they have opportunities to invent their ideas into real shape. They must need a program that will fulfill their deeds. Earlier days of engineering, people use pencil to draw sketch of target thing on paper. They can’t undo mistakes on paper and if they use eraser than paper looks rough. Now in 21st century, you have dozens of programs to draw sketch of anything. CorelCAD is powerful tool that allows you draw maps and sketch on user demands.

This program is rich with dozens of useful tools to organize 2D and 3D workflow. If you are a student than you have opportunity to draw layouts as experiments to increase your skills. Overall, it is perfect for business to draw sketch of helicopters, military vehicles, airplanes, trains, cars, nuclear weaponry, ships and more. In our opinion, Corel Cad is superior drafting, designing and drawing computer aided design software than others.

CorelCAD Screenshot

The worksheet is using layers to divide whole drawing into separate parts. Layer by layer work is easier comparing to without layers. You can able to add text with custom colors and size. As it shows in above screenshot, all the tools are laid on left side which includes dimensions, textual, coloring, radius, curves, line tools and more.

Big news for beginners because there are hundreds of tutorials are waiting on YouTube to bring your talent up. You can draw your own house map with adding 2D and 3D layout. Therefore, it can draw your architecture, electrical and mechanical maps. Thus, it gives enough tools to start personal drafting or business plans.

Latest Version: CorelCAD
Setup Size: 421.75 MB / 477 MB
File Title: CorelCAD2020_x86.exe / CorelCAD2020_x64.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More