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There are some kind of people who are rich with powers of mind. They can invent new technologies that are helpful for us. It is huge list of names that we can describe here but that is irrelevant from our topic. However, if we look deeper into engineering than we can see many programs are helpful to bring new ideas into drawings. AutoCAD is leading software that has wide collection of tools draw new drawings and reshape them on perfect position.

We can say it is most leading architecture designing tool which allows you to transfer sketch from mindset to real paper. You can control it though multiple channels e.g. use a mouse to select the tool or type the command from the keyboard. There are dozens of industries are already using it e.g. vehicle, architectural, defense, airplanes, ships and more.

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If we start talking about the workout so we should divide it into 2 majors parts. The basic is 2D and than you can transfer the drawing into 3D view. You can calculate areas, values, convert dimensions and in simple words, you have complete control over drawing. You can even finalize whole map with keyboard shortcuts but the mouse scroll may help to zoom in and out.

Autodesk is already serving engineers with dozens of products. Furthermore, this program will generate DWG files so you can easily view and convert DWG files. The map printing is so easy because it gives ultimate options to get print of just layout or window screen. Thus, you can quickly draw floor plans with advanced tools to save time and money.

Latest Version: AutoCAD
Setup Size: 1.08 GB / 1.44 GB
File Title: AutoCAD_2019_English_Win_32bit_Trial.sfx.exe / AutoCAD_2020_English_win_64bit_dlm.sfx.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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