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The 5th generation devices will surely depends on internet connection. If you’ve good network speed it means you can proceed many functions. People always talking about slower net so they blame on service providers and even their country. No doubt, they are accurate but on the other hand, slower connections can manage their speed by dividing into data packets. cFosSpeed is superb internet tool that can increase throughput and decrease the ping value.

Even it gives you authority to reorder the network speed on user demands. In simple words, you can set a program on priority so this will receive high data speed than the rest. If you’re going to send an email through Google Chrome and the it’s unable to upload the attachment due to slow speed. Now you have choice to set web browser on priority than it’ll receive data connection speed first and the rest will receive data after it.

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The priority feature will split overall data into packets. If you set game on priority than you’ll receive good ping alongwith lag free gameplay. The rest of uploads, downloads, live streaming, social media and other browsing can transfer their data later. This will give you chance to save data as well as money by controlling the traffic on your deeds.

Don’t give programs to eat your network connection without your permissions. The advance features can control Wi-Fi and mobile devices to start or stop network access. Furthermore, it delivers RX and TX-Shaping, expansion of RWIN, Delay management, VoIP detection, analysis of protocols. Although, it’s best network controller that can drive your connection through your hands.

Latest Version: cFosSpeed
Setup Size: 5.43 MB
File Title: PDFConverterSetup.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More