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Comodo Internet Security

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It is very necessary for us especially nowadays to protect our PCs from anytype of threats. The whole world is on risk of losing privacy info, money and accounts. Hackers are so strong so they invent a file based on autorun which will run on PC and send target info back to admin. This is so dangerous for all of us because we can’t safe our database until we have something special. Comodo Internet Security is one of smart tool to stop malware, spyware and hacking based virus attempts.

Online devices are more on risk because WiFi hotspots and LAN networks are too critical for PCs. So you should have creative firewall guard alongwith apprehensive activity monitor. However, some ways are still been using by anonymous community including 3rd party app installing and viral a threat using USB flash. It means you should have ultimate security guard to keep data, info and money away from hackers.

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On the other hand, offline machines are a bit safe comparing to online ones. The analysis are showing connected devices have more risk of getting infect than offline. So the ratio is rising up day by day especially for WiFi hotspot users. Therefore, CIS is perfect solution for you to run everything in a secure manner. It will keep an eye on running apps and eliminate if found infection.

The interface is so simple but the background scanning is much powerful. The updated engine will consume minimum RAM resources to run CPU at high speed. It will perform scanning of external devices whenever it founds a new hardware. Thus, you have freedom to beat and hunt virus.

Latest Version: Comodo Internet Security
Setup Size: 4.64 MB
File Title: cispremium_installer_138430008_dd.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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