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WPS Office

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We have more choices in office applications to create, edit and design things for home or office. In our opinion, an office suite is mostly required for every PC. It is the key to the success of every business because you should have something to enter the database, calculate values and take a record of every loss and profit.

WPS Office is a combination of free office programs that allows you to increase business growth in a very short period.

However, we can say home users must keep a record of monthly income and expenses. On the other hand, business experts can reduce their expenses by taking a record of each activity.

Priority Features of WPS Office:

It will keep your employee’s data to arrange salaries or pensions. If you want to make an audit the spreadsheet will surely help you find faulty areas in business.

WPS Office Writer Screenshot

Therefore this office suite has 3 powerful tools e.g. writing, spreadsheets and presentations. Each product has separate functions, capabilities and interfaces.

Major Programs of WPS Office:

These are working similarly to Microsoft Office products but there are major changes around the software suite.

  • Writer: can create official letterheads, applications and notes
  • Spreadsheets: can organize numeric values and calculate results through proper formulas.
  • Presentations: can create and stylize presentations to attract the viewers who were watching online or projector.

WPS Office can read and edit DOC, DOCX, XLX, XLXS, PPT and PPTX files. It offers templates to start designing without wasting time.

Advanced Tools of WPS:

Therefore, it is the best choice for students to deal with assignments, past papers and mid-term exams. Thus, we can now enjoy document templates, PDF readers, file conversion, print previews, spell checkers, PDF converters and word counters.

Latest Version: WPS Office
Setup Size: 148.36 MB
File Title: WPSOffice_11.2.0.9396.exe
OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: Free WPS Office Suite / More

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