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ES File Explorer

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Managing files on a mobile phone is not rocket science but still, you’ve got enough idea about this operation. Sometimes, users are going to move data from one to other folders and as a result, they will lose all files. So it’s important to take this operation very carefully because it’ll destroy your data. ES File Explorer is one of the superb file managers that allows you to move, copy or delete files with an easy and clear interface.

More details about ES File Explorer:

If we take a look at the internal file browser of default mobile phones. The internal one has limited functions so you can’t make several operations due to restrictions. This is one of the famous apps but PlayStore removed it from the products page due to privacy violation. It means it has something that is against the Play Store rules but users are demanding it which is why the developer does not want to remove it.

ES File Explorer gives unlimited control over file management so you can create unlimited new folders. Furthermore, you can take into properties, copy or move data, delete unlimited files and more. If you want to transfer a large amount of files between an SD card and a mobile phone then it’s the best productivity tool that fulfills the job rapidly.

ES File Explorer Screenshot

Important Features of ES File Explorer:

Beyond the other parts, no doubt it’s an ultimate tool that allows multiple functions. This will include downloading content, playback music, managing apps, analyzing the phone storage and duplicate data remover. Even it allows you to install 3rd party APK files that are copied through SHAREit or Zapya.

So you can guess how powerful is this tool that covers more than one feature without taking any fee. Thousands of mobile experts are using it to do successful FRP operations. They will succeed in bypassing the Google account by using it.

File Manager:

Unless the other file organizers are paid and the free versions have a bunch of advertisements. So the user will face different difficulties meanwhile doing any operation. ES File Explorer has an easy-to-use interface, a powerful engine in the back end and higher user ratings. This is due to copying or moving data between internal and external storage.

App Manager:

You can use it as an application manager where you can see app size details in sort by app size. This will help you to wipe unused apps from the phone and get more storage. A few times, we don’t know which application is getting higher storage so this tool will calculate the size and display brief details about each app.

Storage Manager:

If you’re facing some serious type of errors including phone storage being full, deleting some data, not copying or installing because your phone storage is full and end so on. Es File Explorer is very intelligent that will gather details of each app whether it’s an internal or external app. It shows consumed size so you can wipe unnecessary apps, uninstall them, disable them or just clear their cache memory to get more storage.

Play Music:

If you are bored with using the internal player of the phone then do not worry because it integrates a stunning player for you. So you can play music files based on the MP3 extension with a fantastic interface. It allows you to play next, previous, pause, resume, stop and volume control features.

Technical File Particulars:

Latest Version: ES File Explorer
Setup Size: 11 MB
File Title: ESFileExplorer.apk
OS: Android OS 4.2 or above
Developer’s: Homepage / More

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