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If you’re looking for a chat application on mobile phones then you’ve got dozens of options. Few of them are a waste of time, few of them are pro and few are hidden from famous platforms. So it’s similar to finding diamonds from the sea. Android is a famous sea that has hundreds of platforms for chatting. GBWhatsapp is an APK based modded messenger app that makes you able to make calls, send text, multimedia and more.

More details about GBWhatsapp:

The tool gives ultimate control over Whatsapp accounts but the important thing is that it’s an un-official release. But it gives more features compared to the official version. This is why it was removed from Google Play Store because of security, privacy and usage concerns. However, people still wanna love and use it because of dozens of features.

For example, when someone deletes a message regarding delete for all, this app will not allow the sender to delete anything from your end. So you will never lose audios, images, videos, location, text or voice messages. Secondly, you can use this app alongwith official Whatsapp so its best for you if you want dual Whatsapp accounts in one android mobile.

Furthermore, if you get a ban from Whatsapp and you’re no longer able to register an account again. This is due because Whatsapp is banning random accounts after finding them violating terms and services. So it’s the best alternative where you can register your account even with a ban from Whatsapp.

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How to use it:

As it’s no longer available in PlayStore so you can download the APK file, copy it to your mobile phone through USB cable and then install it from the file manager. Please note that this method is insecure because it may harm your security and privacy information. Although, it will need access to camera, recorder, storage, call logs, contacts, location, microphone and more.

As you may know that Play store only includes those apps that may not be involved in harming user data and privacy info. This is why they have a list of terms of services so the developer should follow their rules. Moreover, this app has no rules, no safety and privacy for users. You can use this app through an android emulator on PC.

Customization and Privacy concerns:

The app allows you to customize anything on your deeds. This will include a background image of chat, last seen, delivery notifications, status, profile picture, adding people to groups, broadcast list and more. So you can say that it gives you ultimate control over GB Whatsapp with a simple and fast method of configuration.

Everyone has concerns about privacy so it’s important to stay safe and clean while using any mobile service. Unfortunately the app is always a risk of privacy and security leaks. We do not recommend this app due to privacy concerns so it may harm your data, security and other information. So it’s an insecure, modded, unofficial and highly risky application. This is why this app has been eliminated from PlayStore. Note: use this app in your own risk.

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Technical File Particulars:

Latest Version: GBWhatsapp
Setup Size: 41.8 MB
File Title: GBWhatsAppByHeyMods.apk
OS: Android OS 4.1 or above
Developer’s: HeyMods / More

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