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Everyone knows about cloud services that are offering free and paid packages to consumers. Millions of people are enjoying different cloud services having free bandwidth storage for personal use. The basic point is each service will need a separate account to enjoy the service. If you don’t have an account that means you’re unable to use cloud service. However, this type of hosting is more secure, convenient and reliable than others. MultCloud is a webapp that can combine more than one cloud service at the same place.

This is a highly appropriate service which offers both guest and free accounts so you’ll use cloud services at once. In simple words, they offer a website where you can log into your account and start transferring files from remote to local device. If you’re out of space and want more bandwidth then no need to worry because join another service and share personal files there.

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You can call it cloud storage manager where it allows you to add, delete and copy files easily. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or business user, just put your personal files through drag & drop service. Moreover, you can also copy files from one cloud storage to another one. This will make your data more secure, safe and clean. The cloud sync feature can take a full backup of data from one to another cloud storage.

It gives you access to 32 cloud storage services so you can transfer files in an easier way. Generally, it’s a tremendous service that will connect all cloud storage managers at one place. You can even copy or move data in offline mode for example you start data copying from Google Drive to Dropbox and shutdown the PC.

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