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Due to the rise in magnetic media, people can store 100% more than their thoughts. Previously, we’re limited to store only a few MB of data in CD/DVDs and Floppy discs. But after the invention of USB, SD Card, SSD and Sata hard drives, it’s easy and flexible to manage large amounts of data in minutes. There are many data copiers ready to assist you but you’re still missing something. Q-Dir is a smart tool that assists you to transfer multiple files or folders within a single window.

In simple words, you can view, copy or move data from one destination to another at same time. You don’t need to open multiple drives for this operation because this program is a great file explorer. It’s also a handy file management software that has dozens of background layout schemes. As you can see in the picture below where it’s exploring 4 processes at the same window.

Q-Dir Screenshot

If you want to organize camera pictures or a DCIM folder from a mobile phone. You can look into multiple folders to view large thumbnails, then you can delete duplicate, rough and unwanted photos. The treeview panel makes it easy to organize and manage large amounts of data in seconds.

The size of setup is just around 1MB but the working powers and richer than Windows default explorer. It gives you the option to switch default color schemes so you can change the theme at any time. The file option includes brief details about organizing files or folders. Although, it is the best tool that gives you access to manage up to four processes at same time.

Latest Version: Q-Dir
Setup Size: 685.78 KB / 1.06 MB
File Title: Q-Dir_Installer.zip / Q-Dir_Installer_x64.zip
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Server / Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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