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Gamers from worldwide have their own living type where they think and implement thoughts in daily routine. They are busy in whole night in playing favorite games and most of them are sleeping in all day. The average age of professional gamers are from 12 to 26 years and most of students are addicted in this habit. Electronic Arts is a big name in market where every gamer must know about the games delivered by EA Sports. Origin is the store which includes all the games of EA where you can simply purchase wanted games easily.

Therefore, it works like Steam that is another competitive app but it has community in millions. The list of games are mention under few categories e.g. trial, demos and purchase. On the other hand, Origin is totally different because it hosts only games from EA. It is necessary to sign up before start exploring list of games. However, if you want to purchase something from the store, you should have a credit or visa card.

Origin Screenshot

The app is especially design to get access to all games of Electronic Arts at same page. Thus, you will find system requirements, description, gameplay videos and screenshots in HD quality. This is very helpful especially for youngers who have no experience about games. The gameplay videos are also needy thing to be a professional gamer.

At the end, we calculate that Origin client will deliver everything from EA at doorstep. It will also save gameplay data, scoring, rankings, awards and more. You can even start beating other players coming from worldwide to play different games via Origin.

Latest Version: Origin
Setup Size: 60.68 MB
File Title: OriginThinSetup.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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