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TikTok Logo

Due to rise off in every field of technology, there it comes with a big spike in use of social media. There are many factors behind it but major ones are pandemic, cheap internet packages and rise off mobile phone models. This is why the people are using social apps with spending much more time especially watching videos. ByteDance TikTok is a diamond app that offers you to create videos, add effects, share with people and also watch millions of videos.

More details about TikTok:

The app is a video streaming tool that allows you to create a personal account and start uploading content. Due to limitations, you can only share 15 seconds of video. There are dozens of background music lyrics ready for you that are authorized by their respective owners. So you can set any music in the background of your video.

On the other hand, you can set your videos to public or private. The public videos will receive random views from people and they can also make comments and hit likes to your videos. But the private videos will be only visible to a specific group of users. However, everyone can start following you so they will get your new videos on their videos feed.

Latest Videos in Feed:

The homepage has 2 types of feed that has a variety of videos for you. The first one has a heading of “Following” that will only show videos from following users. This may include friends, colleagues, business, celebrities, sports, institutes and more. All of the data will depend on your account because it will just include streaming videos from specific people.

The 2nd type of video feed is heading as “For You” that will show random videos from random users. The data will use your search and interest keywords through cookies. So you will only get interest based videos. For example, if you just search a music file from a specific singer then you will only get data 90% similar to that search.

Musically Videos:

The app is so smart that it will keep you engaged whether you’re a student, business, sports or entertainer. It gives you small video clips consistently and when you can even skip unwanted videos with a single tap. It means you have access to endless watch time and every video will depend on your interests, likes and searches.

TikTok Screenshots

If you’re angry or getting bored on weekends then this app will make your day. One scroll will offer you a new video that will surely give you a laugh on your face. So you can get videos from global entertainers, musicians and sports persons. If you are following someone, it means you will never miss their videos and every new video will be on your screen.

Personal Account:

You just need some clicks to create a free account. You have 2 options to join TikTok through email or mobile number. Even more, you can sign in through Facebook or Google account easily. However, you can search and follow people, comment on their videos and hit a red heart button as they like them. There is a chat button in your profile so you can chat with people easily.

Technical File Particulars:

Latest Version: Tik Tok
Setup Size: 83.9 MB
File Title: tiktok.apk
OS: Android OS 4.1 or above
Developer’s: Website / Find on Playstore / More

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