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Whatsapp Messenger

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As you’re aware of future changes that are happening in the world of technology. Everything is moving to 5G direction at very fast speed. The gist of the whole discussion is development in mobile models and data connection speed. It means if you’ve a messenger then you can make free calls. Whatsapp Messenger is a smart messaging tool that allows you to make unlimited video/voice calls, send voice, text and multimedia at faster speed.

Details about Whatsapp Messenger:

The usage is not stopping anymore because it delivers the maximum features that are destiny for everyone. It means you can get calling and texting features without any payments. It gives you access to create lists, groups, chat labels and more.

Due to high volume data packages, each of us is trying to use maximum part of this bandwidth. But sometimes, we can’t use it completely and the data will be removed by the network administrator.

Take a look into Top Features of Whatsapp:

  • Make voice/videos call from nationwide or internationally
  • Send voice, music, videos, location and documents
  • Create groups and add favorite members into it
  • Hide your identity with making about, profile pic and status to only me
  • Use it across the devices e.g. Whatsapp desktop, iOS etc.
  • Promote business through creating business profiles, groups and more
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Whatsapp Business:

If you’re running a business, it helps you in every field e.g. marketing, sales, imports/exports, groups, branding and communication with buyers. If you’ve a business directory with mobile numbers of customers then you can beat the competitors. Simply, create a business account and show it’s details publicly.

After it, you can create a group with the name of the brand. Add the whole list of customers by saving their name or share the joining link through text. If you’ve new stock in the warehouse then capture and send images in groups. It’ll give you an immediate boost in sales. On the other hand, create a broadcast list and insert members without informing them. If you’ve 256 members in the broadcast list then you can share 1 image that will be delivered to everyone.

Whatsapp Web / Desktop:

If you’re a student that means you will have educational documents in your phone. So it’s hard to connect mobile with PC again and again for the sake of copying docs from phone to PC. Simply, use download Whatsapp for desktop or use web.whatsapp.com that will give you access to Whatsapp data. It needs to scan the barcode for one time only.

Whatsapp APK Android

It doesn’t matter which type of user you are but you can get images, documents, videos and music files directly on the computer. So save those files in PC, edit them if you need and take prints without connecting your phone.

Privacy and Security Protection:

Go straight to Settings > Account > Privacy

Do not worry about security protection because it gives ultimate control over it. For example, if you want to show or hide status, last seen, profile picture, about and read receipts. Everything is under your control so you can set these terms in specific criteria e.g. only me, everyone, chosen contacts or my contacts. Furthermore, you can block unknown contacts so no one will interrupt you. The latest version has a Fingerprint lock function so you can unlock Whatsapp with a fingerprint.

Go ahead to Settings > Account > Security

It gives end-to-end encryption that means no one can access your data even Whatsapp Incorporation. They use 100% security to ensure maximum protection to the users. As a result, all of your chats, multimedia, calls and other data is secure, safe and clean from spies.

Latest Version: Whatsapp Messenger
Setup Size: 39.08 MB
File Title: WhatsApp.apk
OS: Android OS 4.0.3 or above
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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