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Google Play Store

Google Play Store Logo

Everyone knows about mobile phones even children to elders are using them nowadays. If we talk about the functions of phones then we need days to finish it. However, each phone has an operating system, just a PC is nothing without an OS. Similarly, a mobile is nothing without an OS. But in this race, Android is currently the winner which is used by 20+ mobile manufacturers.

So each Android mobile OS has some major components. Google Play Store is a center application that works like a bridge and allows you able to download thousands of apps.

Details About Google Play Store:

If you’re still in thought about it then we can show you 2 examples. Windows 10 has a program with the name of Microsoft Store that gives you access to thousands of utilities and 3rd party apps. Similarly, there is an App Store on Apple mobile phones that has the same method of usage. Both require Apple and Microsoft accounts before downloading content.

So turn back to the topic, Google Play Store is an advanced and rich feature program that has a variety of apps and games. You may know that Android is an open-source OS so it gives you a free hand to develop and publish your app on the Google Play Store. Thousands of companies have gained their sales through using their app on this store.

Google Play Store Screenshot

Security and Privacy Protection:

Google has recently launched a new method of scanning systems that will scan and monitor harmful apps. Play Protect is the title that gives you 100% security and privacy protection from unwanted and suspicious content. Before it comes, thousands of users are getting their phones stuck due to spyware and malware attacks.

So after this release, everyone is feeling relaxed and happy because it’ll eliminate your app after finding it against the rules. Moreover, no one can steal your data without user permission including email, phone number, location, name and payment details due to maintained security. Not people can go shopping without worries because the Google Play Store has eliminated all fraudulent and malicious apps from the store.

How to Use Google Play Store?

All Android phones have pre-installed this app as default. Even if you restore or hard reset your cell phone, it’ll come again restored to the factory settings. Before using it, you need a Google account to access its store. So create a Gmail account and sign in to the Google Play Store before downloading a variety of apps.

After that, you’re free to navigate between categories or just use search to find your favorite application. As you can see some examples of categories are in the screenshot below. It covers a wide range of tools and utilities from every category. For example, if you get into communication then you’ll discover chat and calling apps e.g. Whatsapp, IMO, Facebook, etc.

Play Store Categories

Furthermore, you download the target app by clicking on the download button. The time duration will always depend on your network connection speed. If you have a 4G or LTE connection then it needs at least 1 minute to complete it. After finishing the download, it will create a shortcut on your main screen so you can run it easily.

Update PlayStore to the latest version:

This app has a large library of files that makes it intelligent. If you purchase a new phone then it needs to update its libraries to the latest version before continuing to download apps. On the other hand, if you hard reset or flash your phone then it’ll also reset its library files to the factory version. So it’s mandatory to update these library files.

In some cases, Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube apps will not work until you update Google Play to the latest version. The method is very simple, just search the Google Play Store and tap the update button then wait for a few moments. Previous versions will also create hang, error notification, restart and similar error issues. But the latest version has everything OK and fine for everyone.

Google's Play Store Settings

Update apps through PlayStore:

If you’ve dozens of external apps installed in your phone then they will receive continuing updates from the developer. Some apps will receive updates once a month but major ones will receive updates every week. So it’s important to update each app to the latest version.

Google Play Store has an updates section that contains those apps that are not up to date. It’ll mark them into this section and will show a red dot icon as a notification. You have 2 methods to keep your apps up to date.

  • Search the target app in the store and tap on the update button
  • Go to the updates section in PlayStore and update each app until finishing

However, it’s fast, simple and the best way to search and download apps without wasting time and data. It contains thousands of apps along with screenshots, details, user reviews, ratings, author contacts, feedback and more. Please remember that Google Play Services is necessary to run PlayStore.

Latest Version: Google Play Store
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OS: Android OS 7.1 or above
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