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Win Updates Disabler

Win Updates Disabler Logo

Windows updates are very necessary for every field of work. Especially these are very effective in delivering performance, security and bug fixes. But sometimes, users are trying to disable due to several reasons e.g. speed interruption or bandwidth limitations. So one option is to follow long tutorials to fulfill the target. The rest option is a shortcut which gives you disabling updates with few clicks. Win Updates Disabler is a legend tool that will turn off windows updates for sometime and then turn on again.

If you are using mobile data through WiFi hotspot then you’ve to use it carefully. If you don’t then the network company will deduct the balance in case you reach a maximum data bandwidth usage. So this is mandatory to limiting downloads e.g. torrent, software and windows updates. However, it’s not simple to stop updates manually because you need to follow tricks for this purpose.

Win Updates Disabler Screenshot

Take a look into the above screenshot that shows clear and clean options. You just need to select options related to disabling functions. When you click on the apply now button, it’ll ask you to restart the PC to take the changes. You will be shocked after knowing the setup size is almost 1MB. So we can say that it’ll save your time as well as money too.

Moreover, you can enable functions after getting a broadband connection. Furthermore, it’s not limited to windows updates but you can also disable updates of Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and Security Centre as well. Although, it’s a brilliant tool to enable/disable OS features.

Latest Version: Windows Updates Disabler
Setup Size: 1.25 MB / 1.45 MB
File Title: windows-updates-disabler-setup.exe / win-updates-disabler-portable.zip
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vita / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More