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Commonly as a human we always looking for easy and fast way in every field of work. Therefore, some of them may think this is wrong strategy of life. However, as computer user, we also demand similar way of life to take or deliver things faster. In entertainment section, most people will use single tool to deal with all of multimedia content. Winamp is one of legend music player which has bundle of functions to listen music in relax mode.

In simple words, it is well known music manager used by millions of users. You can create custom playlist with dragging multiple music files at once. Change the auto sort to manual or set some favorite ones to repeat mode. This mode also includes 2 more options e.g. repeat one and repeat all. Moreover, random mode will play music files without any order nor the custom order. It will choose what to play randomly.

Winamp Screenshot

It can be minimized to system tray with playing list of music files in background so it will never disturb or ask for anything. The player will follow the commands as per user has ordered. If you want to see something interesting, there are many plugins to maximize overall entertainment. The premade presets will boost sound mode e.g. pop, base, concert, room and more.

The full screen visualization effects are just superb. It will amaze user eyes and also change effects upon mouse click. Milkdrop is one of favorite plugin but if you want more than find and copy that file in plugins folder. Although, Winamp is best music player for those who addict in music.

Latest Version: Winamp
Setup Size: 7.82 MB
File Title: winamp58_3660_beta_full_en-us.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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