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360 Total Security

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Some users are not fearing from hacking attacks because they have a strong defense shield. On the other side, some are very caring about this matter and they always worry about viruses. Since we may find thousands of attacks already destroyed millions of computers at once. This may occur because of an insecure PC. 360 Total Security is another famous anti-spyware that will defend your PC and privacy too.

If you look at the below screenshot, it has 4 main functions as appear in the below image. That means it will defend against enemies from every side. There are very few products that will defend PC against spyware along with boosting overall performance. Mainly, the attackers will inject a small file into the target PC which is rich with commands. This file is commonly named svchost.exe or explorer.exe.

Qihoo 360's Total Security

Therefore, 360 Total Security is a difficult job to keep a PC away from suspicious attacks. Hackers and seekers are growing day by day and they are using the latest techniques to inject their formula. Thousands of users will lose their bank accounts, credentials, and money after getting their PCs infected. It is a very critical situation if your device is badly hurt by a hacker.

Thus we have only one way to stay safe, protected, and optimized. 360 Total Security is a multilayer security guard that will defend your machine from theft, spam, viruses, and suspected attacks. It will terminate fraudulent and risky sites by showing a red alert. Although, the tool can clean your PC from malicious files just like we clean our home from the garbage. It will also perform a cleaning operation to delete junk and temp files.

Latest Version: 360 Total Security
Setup Size: 83.07 MB
File Title: 360TS_Setup_10.8.0.1021.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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