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Sometimes a low anger will reward you a big loss of money. You may find some neighbor or a relative while breaking their own computer. You will imagine, how fool these people who are doing some stupidity like these. But if we come to know the reason behind it, we may guess they have done a right job. Yes, users are always searching on internet to get solution for the problems they are seeking. Unlocker is some kind of useful tool which will unblock Explorer.exe or other program and let you delete, cut or copy file.

A lazy or error based PC is always a cancer for it’s operator because fixing errors is a difficult job. Virus based PC’s are running like a zombie and we may find multiple errors at same time. Therefore, we should have a strong antivirus to keep our PC protected from attacks. Explorer.exe is main program running in background which will commonly use some files without user permission. This will keep that process running but we can’t move, copy or delete file until break that process first.

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If you are looking to delete some files and not able to complete this objective because of error. There is a simple tool which will surely help you from getting rid of this problem. It will break the process running behind the system OS so you can easily delete it.

Thus, it is the last hope to delete protected or some program is using it based errors. Although, you can easily break the siege of protection to delete or cut target file easily.

Latest Version: Unlocker
Setup Size: 338 KB (both)
File Title: Unlocker-1.9.2.msi / Unlockerx64-1.9.2.msi
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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