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Are you getting tired of unknown PCI device detection? Don’t worry PCI-Z is a free tool that will diagnose and detect unknown hardware devices. This will show detailed information about every unknown hardware device. It does not matter whether you have a laptop or PC, PCI-Z will show a list of unknown devices.

PCI-Z Review

The basic concept of this smart tool is to diagnose unknown hardware devices and show a list of information to the user. This smart process is also known as PCI configuration space.

If you just installed new hardware in your PC including GPU, Sound Card, LAN Card, Printer Card, Modem, TV Capturing Card, Multiple Ports or similar. Before installing drivers for the hardware device, you should have vendor information to find similar devices.

You can also use auto driver installation software that will quickly audit hardware devices and install the drivers for each device. But most of them are paid so if you want to install driver software manually then search vendor of chipset with further information.

How to use PCI-Z?

The usage steps are very simple so just install the software setup by using a few mouse clicks. After successful installation, it will start diagnosing unknown PCI devices and show you a list of details about PCI devices.


PCI-Z Features:

The tool is very beneficial for both home and office users, especially for gamers, multimedia managers, video editors and capturing device managers.

  • Find vendor and model of unknown hardware devices
  • Manually find drivers for PCI devices
  • Simple, lightweight and portable
  • Automatic updates
  • Support all types of PCI devices (PCI/PCI-E/PCI-X)
  • Search drivers in Google by using this app

Latest Version: PCI-Z 2.0
Setup Size: 1 MB
File Title: PCI-Z.zip
OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developers: HomePage