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Slower PCs are always creating problems for users so they will get tired from working. If you are tired from a lazy computer and want to speed up devices without purchasing a new one. Generally, it’s not possible at all but if your PC is facing major health issues than it’s possible to boost the performance. On the other hand, super computers are 100% faster then classic ones so you can complete your task under the estimated time due to its speed. PrivaZer is a tremendous tool that will perform an in depth scan and clean your PC from garbage.

In simple words, it’ll find and clear cookies, thumbs, temp, logs, browser cache and other unnecessary files. As a reward, it’ll optimize your PC and increase overall performance without paying a single penny. However, when you visit a website, watch a video or fill some online forms, everything will leave traces. So no need to worry because it’ll clean above things with a quick and safe environment.

PrivaZer Screenshot

Moreover, it’s light on CPU and RAM resources but very powerful in work. The above screenshot clarifies that it has a clean interface with simple options. It gives you target scanning for specific traces so you can target specific direction e.g. web browser. These traces will help hackers to infect your PC and get access to your accounts.

The definitive deletion will stop unwanted persons to recover data from deleted drives. Although, your PC will run at maximum speed after having a clean. You’ll also get more free space in the hard drive after deletion of unnecessary files.

Latest Version: PrivaZer
Setup Size: 27.23 MB / 19.05 MB
File Title: PrivaZer_free.exe / PrivaZer.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vita / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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