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ExtremeCopy Pro

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As technology is at its peak, we all know that disk space is necessary for every PC. Due to Gigabyte being moved to Terabyte, the manufacturers are launching higher space than ever before. Western Digital and Seagate are leading the niche by launching 500 to 1000 TB of hard drives. As it is also needed for laptops, they are developing SSD drives that respond 10x faster than HDD.

ExtremeCopy Pro covers the issue of copying or moving data from one place to another in minutes. The race begins when the companies have developed SD cards, USB and hard drives in Terabytes. We all know this will never stop because the size of data is increasing day by day due to the high volume of quality.

The Features of ExtremeCopy Pro:

For example, a digital camera or the latest smartphone will take almost 10 MB of a single picture. That means, if you have 100 images that may need almost 1 GB of space.

Transfer Data Faster with ExtreamCopy Pro

If we turn our eyes to video recording, it will also change the size limits because handycam, cell phones and other digital cameras will cover 1 hour of movie in 10 GBs. It’s also depending on the quality of the video because 4K, UHD and 1080p resolution may turn the size into 100+ GBs. It is a highly recommended tool that will transfer a huge volume of data across the devices.

Unfortunately, the default Windows Explorer is slower, facing a bunch of errors and less featured compared to this one. ExtremeCopy Pro will save you time by skipping errors, dealing with auto mode and transferring data in a few moments.

Latest Version: ExtremeCopy Pro
Setup Size: 4.50 MB / 5.40 MB
File Title: Extreme Copy-2.3.4-pro-32bits.msi / Extreme Copy-2.3.4-pro-64bits.msi
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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