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Facebook Logo

Due to high volume of users who are using social media services for maximum time. So it’s good for them but there will be a huge load on servers depending on the quality and speed. However, there is a big race among social media services to have more users so they get more profit. In this race, Facebook is always on top because it has dozens of services that are very helpful for every field of life.

More details about Facebook:

It has millions of users from different ages, living style, gender and field of work. It covers audiences from worldwide so you can say there are thousands of active accounts are using from every country of worldwide. However, most people are using it on android phones as an app because it’s available as a cross platform tool.

Basically, it’s a social media service that allows you to find friends, request them to be friends, start chatting, commenting, hit likes and show friends what you are doing now. It gives ultimate control over your account so you can customize your profile on your choice. It doesn’t matter, whether you’re a celebrity or just a standard user. The app allows you to control everything with a few taps.

Facebook Android App Screenshot

FB for Business:

It’s a good tool for business because according to the World Economic Forum, 65% of business is moving towards E-commerce. So the businessmen are trying to shift their stores towards digitization. This is a very useful platform that gives you simple ways to introduce business models through advertisement.

At last, you will see a big rise in likes, hits and sales of your business. The method is very simple: just create an account, add a payment method, create a brand page and also create a stunning ad. The app is using interest based data so it will display only to related persons or you can choose specific country for drop shipping.

Pages and Groups:

On the other hand, you are free to create unlimited pages of personal or business. Or simply create open or private groups so people can invite and join themselves. Larger number of likes or members diffidently means that you will get higher clicks. However, it gives you access to upload images or videos to attract an audience.

If you post regularly that means you will get more engagement with traffic. If you’re busy then don’t worry just invite admins and let them post appropriate content with limited admin rights. The privacy protection is just awesome so it lets you control comments, avoid spam, block suspicious accounts and more.

FB Pages and Groups

Videos and Entertainment:

If you’re getting bored then this smart app gives you free entertainment. The app has recently been updated with a video button that will display thousands of videos related to interest based. The phone battery will die but you don’t leave the video section. Majority of videos will come from those pages that you’ve liked. But sometimes, it will show you relevant videos and entertainment.

FB Settings and Videos

Setup Size: 47.10 MB
File Title: Facebook.apk
OS: Android OS 5.0 or above
Developer’s: HomePage / More