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Sharing files using SHAREit between 2 devices is a simple task that does not require any advancements. You may remember when mobile phones had Infrared technology and people used 2 phones to transfer small files even in minutes. This is the beginning of data transfer between two phones. After that, Bluetooth comes with 2x faster data transfer speed but is still low for large amounts of data. Shareit is a legendary app that gives you a 100% fast, secure and easier method to transfer data on Android mobiles.

More Details About SHAREit:

SHAREit is not a universal application that allows you to search and install games, watch videos and share data among several devices. The earlier release was mostly famous for sending and receiving large amounts of files between two mobiles. But now the app makes you able to search and watch videos or install your favorite games without PlayStore.

If you don’t have PlayStore or its account but want to download games on a mobile phone. Do not worry because it gives you an option to search for target games and download them quickly and easily. So you will never get bored when you’re free because it has thousands of games and videos for you.

SHAREit - Transfer & Share Screenshot

Watch Unlimited Videos:

You can use this app as a live streaming service because it includes thousands of daily videos. So you can search for your favorite ones e.g. gaming, tutorial, education, kids and entertainment. There are no limitations in watching smooth videos. You can pause, stop, switch, rewind and forward videos with a few taps.

Streaming quality is just awesome so it does not matter which quality you’re looking for. The key thing is you should have a good internet connection so you can get smooth videos without lags. However, SHAREit displays 480p, 780p and 1080p wide videos depending on your internet and device compatibility.

SHAREit Videos

Find and Download Games:

From kids to elders, there are game lovers everywhere. If you’re one of them and want something new. If you’re tired from PlayStore and in search of new games. Don’t worry because you’re at the right place because it gives you access to unlimited games. So you can search for action, adventure, shooting, puzzle, sports, role-playing, strategy or any other type.

Just search for the name of the target game and download it quickly into your phone. So you can play it with just a single tap without worrying about viruses. The fast search engine will show immediate results without waste of time. You can see reviews, ratings and the number of downloads for a specific time under every game.

SHAREit Games

Share files between devices:

Let’s come to the point where it gives access to share videos, music, APK apps, documents, archives and more with others. It means you have the freedom to share anything with others through a secure, fast and reliable connection. The new thing is that it can even share applications that are installed on your Android phone.

So leave the classic ways of sending files and wait for hours because now you can send and receive any file within seconds. The faster data transfer protocol will save your time by fulfilling the operation 2x faster than Bluetooth.

Latest Version: SHAREit – Transfer & Share
Setup Size: 52 MB
File Title: Shareit.apk
OS: Android OS 6.1 or above
Developer’s: HomePage / More