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Video and live streaming are very popular with all ages of users even from elders to youngsters. Everyone likes to watch something interesting that will be dependent on the nature of the user. For example, some will like cartoons, some are interested in fun & entertainment and some will like action. So all of them should need a platform that will deliver wanted content without lags. YouTube is an amazing service that delivers high-quality streaming and videos without any fees.

Detailed Features of YouTube:

In simple words, this is a simple and ultimate app that gives you access to billions of videos. It does not matter which type of user you are, but it has a variety of videos that are divided into several categories. It gives you the ability to create a channel and upload your videos and share them with friends.

On an Android app, you’re free to search, save, create a playlist, live stream anything, remix with YouTube Studio and more. The playlist engagement will never let you be bored because it’ll use an autoplay function to play related random videos.

The app will use cookies and user search data and show relevant videos as well as advertisements. This term is known as interest-based content it is used to deliver exact matching content. However, it does not matter, whether you’re a student, teacher, businessman or a sportsman. It helps you in every field of life.

YouTube App for Android

Search videos and play:

The simplicity of the app allows you to search for anything you want e.g. gameplay, tutorials, lectures, music, movie trailers, cartoons and religious content as well. Everything is out of limits so beware of the usage of YouTube because it will consume much data. If you search a single word, it will show you related queries that users are already searching.

Moreover, the interface is very clear for the user’s eyes so you can search for your favorite videos. If you input the wrong spell into YouTube search then don’t worry it’ll show you the right videos. It will respond to your queries in milliseconds. so you can imagine how powerful its engine is.

Search and Play Videos

YouTube Account and Subscriptions:

If you have a Google account then you can sign into the YouTube app. It gives you ultimate control over subscription such as you can do comments on videos, hit like or dislike buttons and even you can subscribe to favorite channels. Furthermore, if your library has something new that is not relevant to your interests then you can mark it as not interested.

It means you can have everything related to your interests on your YouTube homepage. This can only happen after signing into a Gmail account. You will also receive notifications from those channels that you’ve subscribed. However, it gives more control over the app than compared to using YouTube without its account.

YouTube Studio for Business:

There are days of freelancers who are using their skills to boost their videos, get organic traffic and get more subscribers to their channel. If you’re new then you can create a YouTube channel depending on your niche. Choose a name, design cover and logo and then publish any type of video.

YouTube has a partnership program with Adsense which means you will get paid after hard work. It needs to have a minimum of 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers. After getting this milestone, you can install the YT Studio app and get details about new views, comments, subscribers and even daily income.

YouTube for Kids:

They have a specified app titled YouTube Kids. It will only show cartoons and have fun related to children. If you’re a parent then you can install this app for children so you forget worries about harmful or adultery content. This app is so intelligent, that it will ask whether you’re a parent or child. Then it demands to select the age of the child before watching videos.

YouTube for Kids

Latest Version: YouTube
Setup Size: 130 MB
File Title: Youtube.apk
OS: Android OS 6.0 or above
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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