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A vehicle always need oil and tuning to keep it’s engine and other parts in fresh condition. Because garbage, dust and water will make it dirty so as a result we need to change it’s spare parts. Similarly a PC will also need tuning to optimize the performance with clearing damaging areas of OS. An OS is front line defender where it can perform special actions e.g. start up, turn off, drivers and programs installation and compatibility. JCleaner is best suitable tool that will work like a doctor to keep the PC healthy and error free.

However, there are many faulty areas of OS that will surely create some hurdles for the user’s. The list is big but we mention few of them e.g. history, cookies, temp files, installation backups, bad entries in registry, wrong arguments in system32 folder and more. Ultimately, all of above issues will put direct impact on turning on and shutting down time. Moreover, you will feel your PC lazy, stuck up and lag issue while using it.

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JCleaner is very tiny and smart program that can scan your PC for any issues and solve them all with almost one click. ActiveX control is another major part of OS where it will store important driver files and their binary values. The intelligent error finder can search existing errors by performing deep scan.

You can even create a backup before performing 1 click maintenance. Although, it is powerful combination of tools that will speed up your PC. No doubt, it will turn a lazy and laggy computer into super fast machine.

Latest Version: JCleaner
Setup Size: 777 KB / 788 KB
File Title: JCleaner Setup.exe / JCleaner.zip
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / VITSOFT

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