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During the last few years, there is huge rise coming up in social media and other internet services. This will surely happening due to special packages offering by network companies. So as a result, we can see everyone has bunch of accounts and passwords on different services e.g. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter and more. So it is hard to remember these emails, usernames and passwords easily. KeePass is great tool that lets you create database file and add multiple credentials in encrypted mode.

Many users are using notepad text files to save their email and accounts for future use. Some people are using Chrome with it’s sync feature to save everything in Gmail account. But both of ways are not 100% secure because anyone can access to your phone, laptop or PC at anytime. Some hackers are also use clever techniques so they’ll get access to those notepad files. As a result, thousands of users are already face a big loss of money after hacking attacks.

KeePass Screenshot

However, as you can see in above screenshot where dozens of database groups are shown in left side. Each group has bundle of entries where you can store email, website URL, passwords, notes and their titles. This technique also helpful for you in finding specific data.

Kee Pass is best tool to smartly save each word or credentials without worries. This will cover your data under secure methods including AES 256, Twofish and more. It can export database files into TXT, CSV or HTML extensions. Just use master password or key files to secure credentials.

Latest Version: KeePass
Setup Size: 3.02 MB / 2.89 MB
File Title: KeePass-2.45-Setup.exe / KeePass-2.45.zip
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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