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Good news for web developers because now they have a tiny, smart and useful tool to deal with coding. Previous times they use OS default text editor to create or edit codes. Now there are new ways to deal with CSS and HTML languages. Therefore this is multi tab simple and easier program which is helpful for both students and professionals. Notepad++ is realistic and advanced tool that brings smart techniques for web development.

If you are a developer and looking for something relevant than you are at right place. People are busy in discussing about Macromedia Dreamweaver that was convert into Adobe’s product at later time. Some people like Microsoft Office Frontpage but after few years, it is also not more available in store. The interface is just clear and a tools menu above the text area.

Notepad++ Screenshot

As you may know that notepad.exe will mix all lines that makes it so complex. It is difficult for programmers and developers to start coding in it. They always looking for appropriately editor but they will shock after reading high payments. We think that this is enough especially for beginners to create CSS3 stylesheets. You can also adopt it for creating, editing and finalizing Blogger, Wordpress, Forums and custom codes for web.

The line number is their to help you in finding errors e.g. missing a semi color will be highlighted in WC Validators. Although, Notepad Plus Plus is revised and fully supported with latest commands of HTML and CSS. We should appreciate the developer for this freeware release.

Latest Version: Notepad++
Setup Size: 3.58 MB / 3.85 MB
File Title: npp.7.8.6.Installer.exe / npp.7.8.6.Installer.x64.exe
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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