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Whenever you press the power button of your PC, it will took few seconds to reach at desktop screen. This time is famous as boot time in computing language. This may be varies on different machines because the processor and RAM is playing major role in controlling this time duration. However, super computers are high optimized and empowers with latest cores. On the other hand, you can upgrade hardware parts to optimize boot time. In fact, BootRacer is a powerful tool that speed ups your PC and reduce the system startup time with clean steps.

The intuitive interface is especially build for Windows 10. So you don’t need to invest a lot time because this tool is too intelligent that will scan, analyze and show boot test details. It needs to restart PC for the first time to start monitoring your PC. There are 2 major color schemes are available in light and dark schemes.

BootRacer Screenshot

Basically, the program will monitor those programs that will cause your PC to slow while booting up. So it’s important to deal with those startup programs that may harm CPU memory. If your startup list has unwanted and unnecessary programs then you should watch and terminate those to speedup boot time. In depth, it’ll calculate booting time without including password timeout interval.

As long as it’ll monitor boot duration every time and notify you whenever some program maximizes it’s duration. It’ll show a list of starting programs so you have a choice to disable any of them easily. Moreover, it’ll show execution time on every program so you can cut heavy ones. Although, it’s a great tool to reduce boot time and start the computer immediately.

Latest Version: BootRacer
Setup Size: 18.16 MB
File Title: bootracer_free.zip
OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / More

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