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Many tools can diagnose a PC and show the list of details including specifications of hardware components. So we can easily find target details of the CPU e.g. processor, generation, RAM, GPU and more.

But if you want to test the screen then you would think that you can see the screen and everyone is OK. Alright, it’s not enough because many LCD or LED screens are faulty due to refurbishing or repairing. PixelHealer is an efficient tool to test and recognize the colors of the display screen.

PixelHealer Features:

99% of people think that we can test every part of a PC except a screen unless they have a tool. Most users will test it by playing a game, watching a video or placing a white background on desktop wallpaper.

So it’s not enough because you can’t find narrow lines, missing out colors and light dots (spots).

PixelHealer Screenshot

Identify Dead Pixels:

It is a very interesting thing that a monitor screen has thousands of pixels but we can’t find dead ones. If we play a game or watch a movie then you will still undefined them.

However, this tool will help you find dead or un-working pixels. If you are a marketer or importer then this will be a very amazing program that helps you find faulty branded LCDs/LEDs.

The Conclusion:

It has a bombardment of colors that will helpful in reviving colors. The interface is very easy and you can check flashing colors. It gives you control over the color scheme (RGB), position of the blinking screen, blinking interval timing and screen size of the blinking window. However, it’s the best tool to find bad pixels inside an LCD/LED screen.

Latest Version: PixelHealer
Setup Size: 99 KB / 24 KB
File Title: pixelhealer-install.exe / pixelhealer-portable.zip
OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Developer’s: HomePage / Aurelitec

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